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You have an obligation to listen & trust your voice. 

when your soul has a calling

Hey there

I'm Lauren Roy

the heart & soul behind Boutique —a mission driven by my passion and a deep love for crafting unforgettable moments through music.

My journey into the entertainment world kicked off with a simple desire—to make people feel something special through the magic of music.


With a background in both event planning and music, I quickly realized the incredible impact a carefully curated soundtrack could have on any celebration.  And, I firmly believe in throwing out the rulebook and embracing what feels true and authentic to each couple.

Fuelled by my genuine love for connecting with likeminded souls, I set out on a mission to shake up how we experience music in life's big moments. My commitment goes beyond just providing entertainment; it's about understanding the unique stories of each couple and weaving those narratives into the musical tapestry of their day. 

To me, Boutique Entertainment isn't just a business; it's a personal mission to bring joy, emotion, and individuality to every celebration and ensure the road to get there is just as lovely as the big day itself. 

Let's embark on this journey together to create something truly beautiful - and truly YOU. 

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The Story

Boutique Entertainment was born from an unwavering desire to

celebrate love in its purest and most authentic form.  


Guided by the belief that every couple's love story (and all of life's meaningful milestones) is unique and deserves an extraordinary celebration, our vision is rooted in creating unforgettable experiences tailored to each individual journey.


Drawing from decades of collective immersion in the world of entertainment, we've cultivated our skills and joyfully witnessed the transformative power of music.

It was through this journey that the seeds of Boutique Entertainment were planted.

Our emergence stems not just from recognizing the power of music but from embracing the opportunity to curate something profoundly magical. We embraced the chance to craft the perfect ambiance, the ideal atmosphere, and a setting that would evoke that little spark of magic. 

Driven by an unyielding passion, we took a leap of faith to establish Boutique Entertainment—a testament to our deep desire to make a personal connection and celebrate each unique story.

Carefully handpicking a team of talented and passionate individuals who share our vision, we set out on a mission. Each member contributes their wealth of knowledge and expertise to curate unforgettable experiences. 

Boutique Entertainment is more than a business venture; it is a calling to infuse each note with emotion and weave the narratives of people's lives into the melodies that become the soundtrack to their most precious moments.

As Boutique Entertainment came to life, it became the choice for those seeking not just music but a joyful and deeply personal connection with their celebrations.


We invite you to join us in crafting memories that resonate long after the final note has played—welcome to the birthplace of Boutique, where our passion for love and music collide to create an unforgettable soundtrack for life's most significant chapters.

- Alycia & Graham,
The Elora Mill

From understanding us as a couple to crafting a beautiful wedding experience, Lauren & her team went above and beyond. Their soulful sound, song choices, and ability to capture the moment created an unforgettable, magical atmosphere. A fabulous experience, and we danced all night long!

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Our Why

Curating the soundtrack to your special day

Boutique celebrates the uniqueness of each story, creating unforgettable moments through the power of music. Our passion lies in curating soundtracks that echo the individuality of your journey, weaving melodies that make every moment unforgettable. At Boutique, we believe in crafting musical experiences that elevate your celebration, ensuring it becomes a timeless reflection of your journey.

happy smiling business founder in front of The Elora Mill
woman working through coffee shop window at Lost + Found cafe in Elora

Interested in working togEther?

Let's chat!

- Mike & Cassandra,

They were the easiest aspect of planning our wedding.
We both loved their sound as soon as we heard them. They were super easy to work with, they have a great song list and really set the mood for the night. Our guests kept approaching us throughout the night to ask where we found them they were so impressed! They are guaranteed to get people on the dance floor and will help make your special day that much more memorable. 

gold quotations highlighting the 5 star reviews for Boutique Entertainment

Earth to Table:  The Farm

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